January LoveScope for Soulmates, Twin Flame, & Divine Lovers

As a quick introduction before the report: I intend to share the channeled messages for Divine Lovers of all types, each month – with the highest intent and loving energy.

Let’s at least get started with January

The energy around love in January for all Divine Lovers is delicate. There is a dance that is happening, or maybe the music is just beginning to play; or the foot is just beginning to tap.

The energy feels very new.

It is either new energy with a love that has been ebbing and flowing for quite some time, and lifetimes, or new romantic energy coming in.

One of you, if not both of you, are afraid that it will be what it has been before – turmoil, arguments, or toxic patterns and behaviors, to name a few. But the truth is LOVE. Turmoil, arguments, toxic patterns and behaviors: those are choices.

Love is truth.

And the truth of this Divine energy between you and your beloved is real. I intend only for true lovers to receive this message, and so it is delivered to you: Stop questioning your love. You know it is God’s will, the will of the Universe, cosmically meant to be, and astronomically rare that the two of you will ever stop loving each other.

So, what’s the hold up?

Let’s look into the Divine Feminine side of things, where the intuition and sacred knowledge simmers for our evolution.

Is there doubt, lingering?

It’s like… The divine feminine energy is very inquisitive, but even questionable and drenched with doubt.

The guidance is to balance the heartache that you’ve experienced…
(and I know you’ve experienced heartache)
… and what you know to be true of the connection.

That can be extremely difficult to balance when there has been human emotion involved and betrayed. This is why the dance is delicate because I think the desire for Union is matched, it’s just…


It’s scary to make the “same mistakes”, wondering if it will be like this forever. Will we ever get it right? Or will it continue to be a battle?

If you’ve asked yourself those questions, God and your Guides want you to know that the only reason you continue to experience these tidal waves instead of simple tide changes is because of the energy that you attach to the Divine events that take place.

You haven’t yet learned how to manage or work with your energy, at the level that it is, and how it is constantly changing. So instead of you adjusting to your energy and the events, or how you receive your intuitive guidance, you adjust your processing. You think “Maybe I’m crazy?”

Don’t do that.

Let’s look at the Divine Masculine side of things, the events and actions that are actually happening.

AHHH haha it couldn’t be more clear! The Divine Masculine is like…. I know what this looks like, I don’t know why this happens this way, I know my truth but I have not idea how to communicate it so I’m just going to remain silent about this situation until I can pack it all up and move forward on this Divine Path that I know I’m on.

It’s like riding a mechanical bull for the Divine Masculine. There is a lot of new processes that are being learned, and if you look at the Divine Feminine questioning the process – You can see why there is a cycle of bullshit here, right?

How can you learn a new process if you are constantly doubting it? I imagine you wouldn’t be able to.

So, You/you and your beloved(s) are stuck not being able to make progress because of this threshold. It’s going to be important for you to lead the dance of change. Remain consistent in your practices and conscious in your communication with your self, spirit, and with other soul connections.

Want specific advice on what to do about it, or more?

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The potential and timelines connected to this reading are for entertain purposes only. (Even though I know how magical these messages are. )

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