Healing Powers of Sacred Sex : Casual vs Connected

Sex, as an exchange of energy (like money) is approached through the organs, as well as, through the energetic channels – the chakras.

If you don’t associate sex as energy, you won’t resonate with any of this, so stop reading here✋

When you have sex with someone and there is an energy exchange, meaning the sexual energy passes through all the chakras – that energy stays with you. Regardless if you intend it to or not.

This is why it’s wise to pick your partners.

Because their energy will remain in your energy field, until there is sexual healing to push it through (you can’t remove energy, there’s no such thing).

If you have casual sex with someone, and you choose not to allow the energy travel through, then the energy will overact the chakra in which it stops at…. which usually doesn’t get to the heart chakra, right?

So, for example:

Sex for procreation- overacts the root
Sex for pleasure – overacts the sacral
Sex for power – overacts the solar plexus

So everything, including the relationship in which casual sex takes place, is superficial. It can’t have purposeful potential when it is only superficial.

This is why so many relationships are stuck in superficial cycles… we have to get to the heart of the matter.

There needs to be a connection to your reason for sex. Once you identify that, you will know where the energy sits and can counterbalance it.

Are you having sex because you’re lonely? Bored? Need of physical release? Obligated? Still victimized from sexual trauma and using sex to regain power? These are some examples of why some people engage in casual sex.

This doesn’t mean you CANT have causal sex, it means you have to rebalance the chakra in which you stopped the energy flow at.

Now, what if you ARE having conscious sex?

Thank you, first of all.

Secondly, that means your energy is not attached to pure pleasure and can be released to pass through the lower physical chakras, into the spiritual chakras.

This is how sexual healing occurs.

Conscious sexual energy passing through the Root chakra would allow for healing insecurities in relationships.

Through the Sacral Chakra, the energy would allow connection to our creativity and expansion of life purpose.

When the energy consciously flows through the Solar Plexus, emotional healing from any traumatic experiences would come up for healing.

Heart chakra – the energy would be released into higher dimensional chakras. So passing through the heart chakra would allow for deeper harmony with sex, and allow for a more sacred/energetic flow.

Ever have sex and the flow of it is mind blowing?

It’s in tandem, every move seemingly deeper together. That energy is the flow through the heart chakra. The heart chakra is a bridge between physical and metaphysical chakras so I look at it as a rush of two energies combining.

Throat chakra: Is directly linked to the sacral chakra. It’s the higher creation chakra, so I believe this is the sexual healing energy. I believe it can heal the current connection and simultaneously collectively.

“Abracadabra, I create what I speak” so… when energy rushes through the heart, and the synergy remains connected – there are sounds, words, moans, vibrations that are released at a harmonic or sound wave that is sent out for healing and creation.

3rd eye: I believe the syncopation at this level would reveal colors or auras, or white mist/ seeing and sensing other dimensions while being in 3D.

Like, having sex and you might feel like water or air – in the sense that your physical body is light, free, lucid and you feel… nothing and everything euphorically.

Crown: I identify this as the soul swirl… the energies have intertwined links DNA and lights up the multiverse… it’s light headed, everything from breathing, to feeling, to vibration, to physical sensations are all aligned and God is happy 😆

That’s my two sexy cents 😏 care to add to or expand on it?

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