The real magic behind signs and synchronicities.

I love spirituality.

I love the desire for soul evolution and expansion that often trickles through the tribe of consciousness.

With desire for evolution comes a thirst for understanding. Through synchronicities and signs, a spiritual traveller might be interested to understand what Spirit is speaking through these occurrences.

Muggles will call it coincidence, and maybe they’re right.

But let’s assume for a moment that they’re not right, and the woo-woo’s are on to something.

Let’s assume that as sentient human beings on a spiritual quest, the cosmos can and do communicate with us through signs and synchronicities, and “so-called coincidences”. Let’s assume that these signs are further guiding us through our spiritual expansion, AND if we can effectively receive the message ; we can experience co-creation with all of creation and its Creator.

What we have to be mindful of, as spiritual conquistadors, is that not all signs are the magic answer to our questions.

Read that again.

And because I know you won’t, what we have to be mindful of, as spiritual conquistadors, is that not all sings are the magic answer to our questions.

We wish they are, assume they are, and hope they are. But …

If we move further along in the belief system, and not get stuck in the signs, as cosmic beings we influence and attract situations that align with our current vibrational state.

That being said, as human beings, we sometimes displace our energetic responsibility depending on our favor.

For example (if you’re scratching your head):

If there is something I want to attract into my experience or am wondering about, and I see something that relates to my experience – I get to decide what it means. I get to DECIDE what it means. The key point is that it doesn’t MEAN anything, other than you are vibrating at a level in which attracts parallel/dual/polar experiences. Your understanding of the sign is going to determine how it continues to manifest.

At this point, you may find yourself believing the sign is validation but if your emotion to that validation emits energy that indicates you feel nervous about achieving the above mentioned, or you don’t feel significant enough to receive it (and so on, because we live in an infinite Universe, therefore having unlimited possibilities for feelings and responses) – then your energetic imprint is NEXT going to attract situations/soul connections/experiences that reflect where you are meant to evolve or expand because you have agreed, your Soul Contract, to a soul EXPANSION and not – say, winning the lottery 🙂

Spirit will respond to the part of your soul that NEEDS to expand or evolve, and usually, when we received validation of our dreams is when our insecurities come out. So your human design has been imprinted to respond to signs with authentic feeling, and in that – might attract some deeper soul levels and not the magic answer to your question.

And then, yes – sometimes, if you’re aligned, that sign might mean exactly what you’re attracting because there isn’t cross-current interfering energy.

This is why alignment to the heart of the matter is so important. Your heart of the matter matters, and creates magical occurrences when aligned with the divine.

Be blessed, lovers.

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We are spirituality and relationship coaches, energy Healers, intuitive psychics, twin flames in union, husband and wife, parents, and divine lovers. We offer healing and guidance on your spiritual journey and life through uniquely crafted courses, coaching packages, and services for individuals or couples.

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