The Law of Attraction doesn’t use discernment, that’s your job.

What comes first? Emotionally charged energy from past or present experiences/beliefs creating an emotionally triggering situation,


An emotionally triggering situation which requires emotional healing through energy work?

“What you seek is seeking you.”


It’s human to blame the experience… maybe even easy to blame the experience, or person involved IN the experience…. but aren’t we influencing the occurrence of the experience? Are we attracting the experience by holding thoughts about it’s probability of happening (again)?

If we believe we can use the power of our mind to adjust our energy and align us with desired manifestations, then we need to recognize & take responsibility for the notion that we also attract less than desirable manifestations using this same technique.

Being aware of, and not stuck in, our emotions is the tool for attraction and manifestation.

“You attract what you are.“

Wayne W. Dyer

And it’s not a secret.

It’s not rare.

It’s not impossible.

It only seems available or unavailable to some because of our perceptions or thoughts and emotions attached to a person or experience.

But that’s only part of the truth.

Another part is your influence… and that is essentially the only part that matters and can be changed. You.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is within.”


So go make some changes!

Scared to, or not sure how? Email me for a complimentary coaching/reading to see if we are compatible to work together.

Blessings of love & light 💜💚

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