February 2020: Cosmic Update!

Here’s a taste of “what’s up” with the cosmos in February 2020.

February 3rd: Mercury enters Pisces

We start off by taking a look at Mercury because it will be going retrograde mid-month, but will spend most of February in Pisces. This is a lovely place for Mercury to be in, to assist us with compassionate communication, understanding, and listening. 

February 7th: Venus Enters Aries

Yowza, someone turns up the HEAT on ROMANCE with Venus entering Aries on February 7th! All systems go when it comes to matters of the heart. Ride these waves. Don’t hold your love back. Let down your walls. Figure the rest out later. Enjoy this playful and intense energy. You will grow from this, and so will your love. 

February 9th: Full Moon in Leo

Howl at the moon, y’all, this one is going to be mighty! Following Venus into Aries goes the Moon into Leo, and it’s like.. love comes crashing down. I feel neutral in how this will effect others. Probably because we are responsible for our direction of the energy but WOW. It’s like, imagine being in the ocean and you have this big wave come (Venus in Aries) that you DIVE through, excitedly!! When you come up for air with a big ol smile on your face and sun shining on it, you don’t realize that there’s another huge wave RIGHT THERE (Full Moon in Leo) and the next thing you know; you’re in over your head and not sure how you’re going to survive it. But rest assured, you will. As you resurface you’ll have the opportunity to feel lighter and freer. There is lots of laughter during this time if you can keep your heart open!

February 17th: Mercury Retrogrades in Pisces 

I’m glad you got all the playful energy swirling in your system because Mercury goes Retrograde on February 17th. This will be like (following the beach story of February 7th – 9th) enjoying your time at the beach, soaking up the sun, and riding the waves… when all of a sudden, you notice a blanket of dark clouds rolling in. You will need to use the light vibes that came ushering in earlier this month to navigate this shadowy and karmic time. You’ll be looking deeper into your karmic patterns, and connecting the dots to the deeper Spiritual wisdom behind them. Don’t worry. The clouds rolling in are not bringing a storm… rather, a cool breeze that makes you put your beach clothes back on. Sit, still a minute.  Sit with the awareness. There will be a break in the clouds.

February 18th: Sun enters Pisces – Happy Birthday Pisces!

February 23: New Moon in Pisces 

The New Moon in Pisces offers a refreshing break in the clouds! From sitting beneath and with the blanket of Spiritual awareness, you will receive a fresh, new perspective on situations that may have seemed dismal and hopeless to you prior. This new perspective is the propellor you need to move you forward into action!

February 29: Leap Day

Take the momentum from the New Moon in Pisces and enjoy an extra day to do something with it! The Leap Day of 2020 brings the energy with it that allows you to monetize your momentum! Put into action, create, and prepare to transform your life by making some big changes once Mercury goes Direct in Aquarius next month. The shackles are coming off, so be ready!

What other celestials happenings are you excited for in February?

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