March 2020 Cosmic Update

Here’s a simple look at the Moons in March, and my intuitive explanation of “what’s up” in the cosmos!

March 9: Full SUPERMOON in Virgo
Everything that is standing your way of your Divine plan, Divine order, and Divine timing can be released during March’s SUPERMOON in Virgo. This full moon will come bring up any doubts in your strategy, logic, justifications, or expectations – as it heals your need for controlling how things play out. In the areas where you are relying too much on your human understanding of things, you will be stripped. If you hold on to it, it may hurt. If you release it, you open up the gates to move forward and in surrendered alignment for Divine intervention. Where do you want to be? 

March 9: Mercury goes direct
Hey, hey, hey! It’s everyone’s favorite day!! On the heels of a full SUPERMOON, Mercury going direct is like a gift from God. So perfectly aligned to take the awareness you’ve received in Mercury retrograde and release anything that isn’t serving you.  

March 20: Spring Equinox
And the stars keep aligning. Here in the Northern Hemisphere is the Spring Equinox, a lovely time for new beginnings and growth. Right off of Mercury going direct, and the release of the full SUPERMOON. Do you see where you’re headed? Do you need a sacred source to consult? 

March 21: Aries Season – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

March 24: New Moon in Aries
Aries also carries the energy of new beginnings, as it is the first zodiac on the zodiac wheel. This new moon will also encourage you to explore your creative side and uncover your dreams, goals, desires, and endeavors in moving forward. Aries energy is a bit extra, so GET EXTRA about what sets your soul and heart on fire! Use this energy to deeper set and align your intentions.

March 29: Mercury Retrogrades Shadow Period ENDS 
You are now free to blame something other than Mercury 🙂

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