How to make empowered choices and why it’s important to.

If we cannot make others see things the way we see them or understand why we do the things we do, or any of that type of stuff… (and the good news is, we don’t have to)… why do we JARED (justify, analyze, rationalize, explain, defend)?

All (or any) of that type of energetic imprint repels or rejects our personal power, right?

We want empowerment. We want to embrace empowerment. We want to live empowered. We are empowered.

And we can find empowerment in deciding which parts of us we share, and within the ability to choose our responses to what others share with us (responsibility).

But there is a potential for energetic speed bumps along the way.

Deciding to share too much risks leaky energy.
Deciding to share too little risks putting up a wall.
The judgement of what is shared, or how much is shared, or attachment to what another says, is ego.
The peace felt by sharing is vulnerability.
The compassion for what others share is also vulnerability.

The UNKNOWN part that exists, is the shadow. The shadow is only seen by facing it and looking at it, and understanding which parts of the shadow we can change. But we can’t face it or see it or look at it because it’s subconscious…. We only know about it when it subconsciously runs our life into the ground. It becomes all we can see. That’s the shadow.

So, what do we do?

We speak. We act. We acknowledge our misses (misalignments) and we are grateful and humbled by our victories. We continue to show up. We allow others the space to show up. We breathe in between words and experiences. We make choices with as much heart as we can and we are gentle with the rest. We invest in ourselves if we don’t know how to do any of this or need help getting started, or moving through, or keeping on. But we keep making choices to connect and from it, we grow.

And those choices, all the small choices in between; God/the Universe/Spirit/Source/Creator abundantly gives us, allowing us opportunities to shift our life if we are open to see it, and brave as we sit in it, and wise as we learn from it, and then empowered to take action on it.

That’s all on us for the co-creation of our manifestations.

Continue to risk, share, be vulnerable, and keep pushing through without an expectation; even when, and especially when, it feels challenging.

Don’t back down, break through.

It is a new season, after all.

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We are spirituality and relationship coaches, energy Healers, intuitive psychics, twin flames in union, husband and wife, parents, and divine lovers. We offer healing and guidance on your spiritual journey and life through uniquely crafted courses, coaching packages, and services for individuals or couples.

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