Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Flame Awakening, oh my.

The Twin Flame, like any flame, comes in and it burns, clears anything not serving you, ignites awareness, and heats things up in your life. Eventually, like any flame, the fire goes out. When it does, you are left with an opportunity to rebuild with a fresh perspective and in deeper alignment with your soul. The Twin Flame Union wakes you up in the most uncomfortable way.

Twin Flame Awakening is the awareness that comes in from meeting your Twin Flame. It is the process of unlearning and relearning your Divine Natural Alignment. It is about coming into a place of awareness for yourself, with yourself, and often – by yourself. It is Divine Union with your self. The awakening stage can last as long as it needs to in order for it to bring you to a place in your souls evolution that allows you to cultivate a space for spiritual and physical growth. This Divine Union doesn’t have to stop here. It take bravery, vulnerability, conscious communication, and intimacy to move to the next step.

The Twin Soul. This is your one.. The one, who is unified with and committed to their soul’s evolution at the same vibrational match as you. It doesn’t mean the path is the same, it means the commitment is there to work together. There’s an awareness of the collective consciousness. There’s mindfulness to vibrate at a frequency in divine, natural, alignment with your higher self. The Twin Soul Union shares a mission for each other and for the collective. It trickles out into the world and is shared. It can be romantic, and if you are one of the Twin Couples in a Romantic Relationship – it is BLISS… in between hard work… that many can’t get past their ego enough to achieve.

Navigating this journey is unique and individual. Navigating the human stuff from past trauma, ancestral wounds, and human issues is where having a Twin Flame coach like myself can help. Your coach is not someone who will tell you what to do, they will support your growth and bring to light anything that appears to be blocking it. Find a tribe, a team, or a coach that can help you navigate this experience if you truly want to walk it. Otherwise, please stop using the term to define some fucked up and toxic relationship OR some make-ass-believe story that has no way of working out. Those are not Twin Flames. Those are obsessions. Know the difference. Hope this helps.

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3 thoughts on “Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Twin Flame Awakening, oh my.

  1. I really would like someone to enlighten me on my situation. It’s so hard to see through the fog while in the middle of it. I need someone from the outside looking in. I know I have met my twin flame but I am torn on the fact of who it actually is. My highest belief is it is the one I’m in seperation with and I believe the current relationship of 5 years that I’m in is a karmic. I met my twin as a child. We were middle school sweethearts. I moved and didn’t see or hear from him for years. My twin popped up 3 years ago and I ran. I didn’t know what I felt and I was scared and still torn up over toxic karmic relationship that I’m in. We didn’t talk for three years. And then Just 3 months ago he showed up again. And I opened my heart to him. Everything was great until my karmic partner started begging for me back and guilt tripping me. Which I fell for. On top of the fact I felt I would never be good enough for my twin because he is just so perfect. I ran again. Damaged and scared and naive. Quick to realize my mistake and ran back only to realize he had blocked me on everything and ran too. Now I’m chasing. But still in a karmic relationship which at some point I thought was my twin. Still not sure part of me won’t let me decide that he’s not because he has his amazing moments that I can’t let go of. But I have in my heart the knowledge that my true twin is exactly where I want to end up. But I’m scared to let go of someone I truly love but they just aren’t right for me. The song my twin dedicated to me is called “chasing you” by Morgan wallen. If u listen it talks about chasing someone for years and being in love with them no matter who they’re with. It comes on all the time and to me it’s a reminder that were connected. But I’m not feeling confident in my decisions and my path and IDK what I’m supposed to be doing focusing on my karmic partner or myself or my twin or all three. It’s exhausting. Sometimes it blurs together and IDK what is what and who is who. The fact that my twin will not talk to me absolutely refuses. Hung up on me when he heard my voice. Is heartbreaking. Part of me questions is he even my twin because this just hurts and I’m not sure if everything he said about how he felt was true or maybe I ruined it by hurting him over and over. I chose toxicity over true love and I can’t help but try to make it better by healing the toxicity out of my current relationship which only causes more confusion as to who I’m supposed to be with.


  2. I’m so sorry for the mess of mine and just rambling on. I hope someone reads this and has something they feel is right to say to me. I really need some guidance.


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