Our problems are the not the protests, it is within the need for protest.

There is a need for protest.

Everywhere you turn there’s reason to be outraged.

Black lives matter.

I’ll say it as many times as I need to if that proves to you I recognize the injustices that we face today in our world.

Black lives matter.

Stop it. You can stop it right now. We all can.

Black lives matter.

But I’m not impressed by black lives matter,

if the micro-aggressions are so micro that they go unnoticed.

We have anger, prejudice, hate, racism, power, control, manipulation, fear, and divide because we feed it – every single time we let our outrage create a disconnect in our relationships. When we hold on to the slightest bit of these microaggressions, that ripple builds and BUILDS and becomes so big that we HAVE to pay attention to it.

And we have to stop.

We have to be kind to be kind.

Not with an agenda. Because it’s who we are. We need to be different. Find ways to speak up and speak out, and how you speak about things that matter to you. We must find a way to be productive with our voices. If you write, write. If you speak, speak. If you sing, sing. If you march, march. AND SUPPORT YOUR NEIGHBOR.

I don’t care if you can march with like minded people, or talk with people who share your beliefs – but what if you don’t? What if you get the chance to teach someone. What will you teach them? And how?

I want to know you will show compassion to someone who disagrees with you, or angers you. I want to know that whatever your hashtag is, whatever your outrage, whatever beliefs you are believing – that you are treating people you interact with kindly. I want to that you will speak up and out with loving intent. If you’d cut someone out of your life because of a difference in opinion, HOW can we stop being divided? Whatever your justification is, know that everyone feels justified in their beliefs, even those humanely insensitive.

In order to bring about a difference, we have to act differently.

We have to stop the pride and we must unite in spite of differences.  

Today I let a person of color cross in the parking lot.

She thanked me quickly and started to walk fast, looked around, and when she saw no one was around and I was just letting her cross while enjoying my day, she paused in front of my car and bowed her head to me – and I recognized in that moment how important it was for her and for both of us… I bowed my head back in honor of that connection. Of our connection.

She recognized me, and I recognized her. 

The thing is, I didn’t mean to do anything above and beyond for anyone. I was just being kind to the person trying to cross a parking lot.  

Be mindful of other people in space with you. We all have stories, heartaches, bad days, good days…. Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly 🙏 And I laugh at myself while the tears roll down, cuz it’s the world I know.

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