Exploring The Divine Energy, Union, and Dancing of Twin Souls

We’ve been doing this Divine Dance together, in this lifetime, since 2009. We have experienced the “typical stages” of Twin Flames, including separation and reunion but not in a typical way. Understanding energy was our FIRST and BIGGEST tool to cultivate a space for our Union to evolve, so we are sharing what we’ve learned.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are terms to describe types of energy, and you may have heard these in your spiritual social media circles.

In the Spiritual community, it seems that many use the term interchangeably with gender identification or physical traits. Some examples we have witnessed are:

“I’m the DF and my DM is the runner” πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

“My DM is so sweet” πŸ₯°


“I’m a female DM” πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ

… as if these are short hand for a dating ad…

“DF looking for her DM, DM me” 😳 wait πŸ€” what? πŸ˜’ That can get way too confusing.

Here’s the long and short of it.

You’re not a DM or a DF, and identifying as such, without connection to the depths of what it actually means, will leave you in spiritual turmoil and in need of releasing yet another expectation. “I thought the DF was the chaser???” πŸ™„

If you’re still with us, we’d like to offer our understanding and you can see if it resonates or not.

Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, as we said earlier, are terms used to describe Divine Energy.

To better understand this, let’s take a look at Divinity through the ELEMENTS:

πŸ”₯ Fire
🌊 Water
🌱 Earth
πŸ’¨ Air
πŸ•Š Spirit

Imagine the Divine Masculine Energy as Fire: able to clear obstacles in its path, ignites and creates, provides security & warmth, and passionate heat. It is light – guiding you.

Next, imagine Divine Feminine Energy as Water: in constant ebb and flow, nourishing, cooling & relaxing, allowing purification and cleansing, and is able to move you.

Now, imagine yourself, a Divine Being, made of Fire and Water – Fire to give you passion and light on your travels, and Water – giving you the ability to ebb and flow, cleansed and purified – moving through each transition life throws at you. This makes the human being a Divine Being.

The Divine Union is of Self, FIRST. If you stop reading here you miss the value of the message. The Divine Union of Self – The Divine Being – is FIRST. When you have all of these energy centers workings together – on Earth as it is in Heaven – you become a magnet for attraction.

We’ve put together an image for you…

We are meant to develop into physical representations of our soul – our higher self. This includes the balancing of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies and bringing them into Divine Union – to walk, talk, and live as our Divine Self – A Divine Being.

NOW – Here’s the Divine Union, or Twin Flame Union, that is somewhat “sought after” or topic of debate in the Twin Flame social media groups.

“What is Twin Flame Union?”

Across the board – Union is the Divine Union that happens FIRST. With self. Yes. BUT…. There’s a big BUT so keep reading…

Supporting the theory that our external experiences are representations of our internal state, what we are on the INSIDE can now manifest OUTSIDE of the Divine Being and you will “see” it, you will notice it, you will recognize it. Your Divine One.

When THAT happens ……
(and this is why it can be a constant ebb and flow relationship, considering you can do this healing cycle over and over again, going deeper each time)

….When THAT happens, the Two (Twin) Divine Beings (Souls/Flames – we prefer Souls) decide what they wish to do with the recognition.. That’s THEIR Divine Dance. Their Twin Flame Energy.

Whatever The Divine Melody, Music, or Moves the Twin Souls share is up to their Twin Soul Contract, which includes their Twin Soul Mission.

Important Side Note: This information cannot be TOLD to you by someone else, not check-marked off a list, nor confirmed by a psychic (And I, as a psychic, will say that it doesn’t mean I/WE don’t SEE the energy of the relationship. It means that I – and any honest Divine Messenger – have *esoteric ethics* – a moral responsibility to allow free will while gently planting seeds for self-discovery. [And as a psychic COACH, since we’re talking about it, I then go one step further and offer you tools for navigating, expanding, and deepening your understanding.]

It’s important to remember this on your journey because Divine Authenticity is one of the first physical things that you will discover (if you haven’t already).

DIVINE Side Note: As I’m typing this, a beautifully bright, red cardinal is singing outside my window, a beautiful song. That is your voice. You will discover and rediscover your voice and how to use it on this journey. Your Divine Voice. Your Message for the world – This is your Divine Authenticity – You, & your Divine Partner.

So, where do we go from here?

Inhale, exhale…

[btw, did you check out my first and maybe only Podcast? I teach you some life-saving breathing techniques (and I’m not talking CPR!). Check it out, here.]

From here, it’s different for everyone – The Divine Dance.

Sometimes the dance steps get jumbled. Sometimes there’s a struggle with who will LEAD the dance. Sometimes there’s a pause in the song. Sometimes we dance at different speeds, or have different moves, or.. or.. or… And this is why the journey is unique. Please don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There is no solid PROCESS but there are things you ca work on to improve your relationships.

For us, our Divine Dance is as Lovers, Parents, & Healers – Mystic Mr. & Mrs. 😊 So, we often attract people who are at a “similar dance party” as we are, or who wish to be, and we try to help them learn their dance… and we hope this helps YOU understand your Divinity 😊

Best blessings,
Mystic Mrs.

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