The Difference Between Twin Flames, Soulmates, & Woundmates.

We do this Twin Flame Union differently, since most Twin Flames are in turmoil or separation, or believing that we aren’t meant to unite with our Divine One. But I think what has happened is a misconception of a Twin Flame Union. Even with it’s challenges, it’s divinely meant to be… but…. once you being your Spiritual Awakening – EVERYTHING is divinely meant to be for your highest awareness – so it can get kind of tricky.

I was chatting a bit with my beloved about the difference between woundmatessoulmates, & twin flames… and I just wanted to share because I don’t think woundmates are talked much about, and they can be pretty deceiving because they’re attracted by an open wound and will quite literally drag you through the healing process. Not most comfortable, or even worse – TOO comfortable – but still for our healing.

So, most people will recognize a Soulmate as a Soulmate because it’s a general term that has been around for quite some time and is used to described anyone who comes in to your life and leaves an impression on you. Usually these relationships are genuine and pure, and are part of your soul family. Like all family members and friends who are like family, we don’t typically stay connected for long periods of time, or maybe we do, or maybe we revisit each other when we need to learn deeper about whatever the soul purpose is for the connection. Some people can live their happy ever after with a soulmate. My first boyfriend was a soulmate. Kept me safe during a time where many girls and women are often taken advantage of. This protection is why I’m able to carry out the sexual healing part of our mission, but that’s besides the point.


Then there are Woundmates… And I don’t think anyone identifies a woundmate as a woundmate when they’re mating 😜 but later we might realize that we have connected with them simply because we have not healed an area of our life and we “needed” to, in order for our soul to develop to the next stage. So we call in a type of soulmate, who “gets us” because they’ve been there… and together, we can both heal. I think a lot of people would think their “woundmate is the one” because there’s a deep understanding. Until it is understood, and the wheels turns, and voila – you’re on your way without each other. The woundmate is not meant to stick around, unless you keep that wound open. They may later be called a “karmic” or “false flame” because like a Twin Flame, woundmates are here to help us ascend. Some people in other groups seem to call a woundmate a twin flame, and I don’t believe that to be true.

And so that brings me to the Twin Flame, which is quite simply our divine One… A conscious union where both agree to ascend together, through it all, however it looks for them… and when the two can’t *see* it, God / The Universe conspires to SHOW IT & bring together the union in the 3D, as it is across all dimensions. When you come in contact with your Twin Flame, there is no doubt who they are to you, and who they will forever be, and your chakras activate – from here to the 12th dimension and across the multiverse. You create energy through your connection. You ascend the earth through your connection. Everything is lifted through your connection. Your physical life is rearranged, some times over and over, so you can continue to reach new people and let them see The Divine through you.These are my words to describe this journey, would love to hear yours?

Scott & I have been doing this dance since we met in 2008. I think another LIVE in our Facebook group is coming up soon, since we’ve added a lot of people in here since our last live…. but when we first met… he made my chakras “zing” in the middle of a crowd… in front of everyone… I felt so exposed…. and a bit embarrassed because I felt like “everyone could see me” even though no one was paying us any attention 😂 

It felt like EVERYTHING happened to get us to that one, tiny lapse in time where everything began to make sense.

We’re still here 💖💖 

And yes, if you and your twin create karma together, you’ll have to pay it together soooo… there’s that. Keep yourself & each other in check 😬 If you know better, do better.This is a pic from our first official date 7 months after the chakra zing lol after our first time meeting (even though we went to school together since 6th grade, I just didn’t know him and he swears he knew me.. Which at this point, I believe, because as much as I am more wordy and expressive when it comes to spirituality, his actions seem to get the job done even if it makes me uncomfortable. We’re growing 🌱)

We’re here to help you grow on your journey, and with your beloved, too!

Best Blessings & Love all ways,
Mystic Mrs.

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