Twin Flame Union Isn’t For Everyone. Is It For You?

Be so stable that you can drop the Twin Flame label.


Are you on that level of surrender? 

Labels are words. We create their meaning.

Words are made up by humans to describe human experiences and feelings. We decide how we will use them.

Words amplify energy. We choose our ripple. 

I am addressing those in the Twin Flame community who are developing a Spiritual Superiority Complex to block out, distract from, or ignore their inferior feelings and insecurities. I am seeing that when we are faced with feeling rejection/abandonment, or we are pushed to deeper parts of our healing, or we need to participate in significant conversations, or are challenged by intimacy and vulnerability…. 

…. When this happens, we create a superior and spiritual reasoning for it and attach to “understanding that spiritual reason and going down THAT rabbit hole” instead of using tools we have in front of us or investing in learning new tools for a NEW way of living. 

In this place of Spiritual Superiority, we call complacency surrender, and we cover it up with a spiritual concept or reasoning – like being in a Twin Flame relationship or stage of union.

For the most part, those who are attracted to the Twin Flame label are NOT currently in a conscious relationship unless they are in physical union with their twin (and even that takes work, a very different kind of work. We know because we are Twin Flames in Union.)

When we were “separated”, before we started consciously evolving for ourselves and with each other, no amount of spiritual practices, understanding, reiki or readings was going to shift ANYTHING between Him and I except for Him and I……. AND IN THAT SPACE of us taking care of ourselves – God / The Universe / Spirit Guides are able to work on behalf of us. 

YES – We are Spiritual beings AND Human beings. 

If we are unbalanced in embracing and integrating what this means to us, we will find ourselves in unbalanced relationships. 

We MUST take disciplined action (human) and hold an open heart space (spiritual) in order to shift ANY relationship into a conscious one. We have a great course on how to do this if you are interested! Message us for details on how to receive this course.

If you or your Twin Flame is “not” in alignment with “you” (if you’re not in physical communication or conscious union), because of the Law of Mirror – YOU are not in alignment with YOU somewhere. 

As you take disciplined action (and this is where letting go of the WHO your Twin Flame is and aligning with the YOU in the Twin Flame [yo]Union), you will natural, authentically, and genuinely initiate the Law of Attraction and you will be guided to connect with your vibrational match. 

And because you have done the work in alignment to draw in this relationship, you now know what YOU need in the Union and can work on maintaining that. This develops into a conscious union and that’s where the magic happens. 

That is the relationship that everyone deserves. 

That is the relationship that anyone can obtain, but not everyone will because of the work it takes. 

If you are willing to do work outside of your comfort zone and walk the path of being a human with a Twin Flame mission, you will align with your vibrational match – your divine one – your Twin Flame, and it will be conscious union because you went into it consciously.

If you wanna hook up with some Flames who are doing it, and doing it, and doing it well – join our Twin Flame & Divine Love group on Facebook!

We look forward to serving the Twin Flame community and SHIFTING the TF paradigm to a more Conscious Union. 

Published by mirroredhearts12

We are spirituality and relationship coaches, energy Healers, intuitive psychics, twin flames in union, husband and wife, parents, and divine lovers. We offer healing and guidance on your spiritual journey and life through uniquely crafted courses, coaching packages, and services for individuals or couples.

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