Astro Update: Dec. 27 – Jan. 2, 2021

The week is pretty challenging regarding communication. You’d think it was Mercury retrograde season but that’s not until the end of January. The reason it’s rough is because there is a build up of insecurities and fears which lead to a purge on the Full Moon. The Full Moon rises in Gemini. The Sun & Mercury are in Capricorn. Mars is still in Aries. There is a lot of “band aid stripping” happening this week. It probably won’t be comfortable for most, which isn’t really how anyone wants to start a New Year; however, it does allow you to see what BS you’re holding on to that isn’t working for you anymore. If you’re a Capricorn, you’ll probably benefit from this energy – but the rest of us will have to figure out how to work with it. 

Look at your chart to see where Capricorn falls & how it will influence you. 

This weird energy will actually linger until Jan 8th when Mercury moves into Aquarius but then, it sets us up for retrograde shadow beginning on the 15th. It will be an interesting transition into the New Year.

Many ask me what they can do on a Full Moon. Here are my favorite practices:
1. Let It Burn – Write letters to people, yourself, or about your insecurities or fears or anything that pisses you off. Then burn the paper and release it. Your intention has to be that you will not CHOOSE to entertain these idea that you are burning otherwise it’s not as powerful. Pay attention to how it burns, as it will indicate your release. For example, if it burns slowly – this might continue to come up for releasing. If it burns quickly, it might be an easier release.

2. Charge Your Crystals – If you carry crystals, it’s a good time to charge them in the Full Moon light. You’ll want to have a bowl or glass of water, Put your crystals in and leave them in direct moonlight. IF you can leave it outside, great. If not, put it in the widow that the moonlight peaks in to. If the moon is not visible, still put the crystals by the window with the intention of clearing.

3.  Full Moon Shower – I don’t recommend a bath because it’s just not my deal. I don’t believe that soaking in what you’re trying to release is an effective way to release unless you follow your bath with a shower. The shower is important because it can clear any energetic debris with a visualization practice. For example, imagine the water from the shower head being the cleansing energy of the Universe washing over you and clearing you. As the water travels down the drain, visualize it being transmuted and filtered by the Earth. Once you visualize your physical and energetic cleanse, imagine that divine energy now filling your energetic orbit with pure, white lite. Carry this with you.

Finally, Numerology Speaking – 2021 is a 5 year which will be mean lots of shifts and opportunity for growth! Awakening senses and seeing through the illusions will be big in the upcoming year. Be sure to stay as grounded as you can in 2021. Take your health and hydration seriously, what you feed yourself matters on a mind, body, and soul level. Listen to your body more than the news. Remember that what you see in your world matters most. Contribute to it consciously. If everyone did this, our world would naturally be a better place because we are all trying. I believe we will see big changes in 2021, and most of them most do not see coming. In my best Olaf voice, ⛄️All good things, all good things. 

Stay cosmic & love all ways,

Mystic Mrs.

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