Astro Update: Jan. 3 – Jan. 9, 2021

This week is an eye opening week! Are you ready to take a peak?

There is a lot of energy supporting partnerships. These partnerships will be fueled with passion and fire. You might find yourself dancing with this fire and enjoying it… Just be careful not to get burned. Stay mindful of the fire in which you dance to and make sure you’re tending to it carefully. FIre can be utilized to light our path, clear it, protect us, and warm us. Fire can also destroy us, burn us, and leave us in ashes to rise again like the phoenix. You’ll get to decide how that’s going to look for you. It is your choice.

Intuition is also a an all time high this week, so the light you received from the fire in partnerships will help you to see any deep beliefs hiding in the shadow. These will come up for understanding and awareness. Utilize this intuitive energy to gain deeper knowledge of your situation, path, and how to walk it like you talk it.

Speaking of talking- communication is still being challenged this week and it’s only going to get more interesting as Mercury goes retrograde later this month. Communication is being influenced by our emotions, which are very analytical this week. Because of this, our communication can come off as “questioning someone” when we’re trying to simply ask a question for understanding. The lines can be a bit blurred.

Looking ahead:
Jan. 13 – New Moon in Capricorn
Jan. 14 – Mercury’s pre-retrograde shadow period
Jan. 28 – Full Moon in Leo
Jan. 30th – Mercury Retrograde

💖Have a fabulous week
& stay cosmic 🤩
✌️Mystic Mrs.

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