How To Choose A Psychic

So, you’re thinking about booking an intuitive reading, healing session, or psychic service and you’re not too sure who’s reliable.

Maybe it’s your first time or maybe you’ve received one before…. 

but, you’re skeptical of scammers and you’re not exactly sure how to know when someone is bullshitting you or not…. 

Then this is for you! 

I hope this guide can give you confidence when connecting with a mystic messenger so that you can receive an effective reading that provides healing and clarity through ethical, spiritual and energetic practices. If you’d like to schedule your private reading with me, check our our services page.

This article offers guidance for those receiving a reading and for those who give. 

So if you’re ready…. 

If you’re receiving a reading:


Provide limited information about your situation when asking your question.

Spilling too much information can not only tip off a misaligned mystic to tell you what you want to hear rather than what Spirit needs you to hear, it also spews energy. Spewing of energy can confuse anyone who is sensitive to energy so it is important to ask specific open ended questions, that we will discuss in the next point , to help you set a solid foundation for your reading.


Ask specific open ended questions.

This allows the channel to remain open between the reader, you, Spirit Guides and God/Universe/Source/Spirit. By asking questions that are very direct, it comes with an attachment or expectation of a specific answer. Keeping the channel open allows for divine intervention to deliver a specific message to you that will resonate deeper because it is from a higher perspective. Also, when you are attached to or seeking a specific answer, the energy will be dense and the reader will read your feelings of the question rather than the higher perspective.

Here are some great ways to ask a question and receive the best guidance:   

– What can you tell me about this relationship?

– What will I learn from this experience? 

– What guidance do I need right now? 

– What can I do to increase my income? 

– What opportunities are available to me now?

– How does this job align with my life purpose? 

If you need additional clarity during the session, ask! “What do you mean by….” or “Can you expand on this part….” Too often I’ve had people come to me to help then understand what their psychic meant by “this” and it wasn’t my intuitive message to receive. Be sure to ask a question at the end of your session for clarity. 


Validate the points that resonate, simply.

Your psychic is also a human so if they speak to something very specifically, let them know. This helps them follow the connection that they are receiving. For example, if you ask “What can you tell me about my relationship?” and your psychic mentions a disconnect in belief systems, spiritual practices, or religion – and your partner is a practicing Buddhist living in China while you are a Catholic in the States (yes, this is a real experience I had with a client), give them the validation that this is something that is true or accurate for your situation. It helps the reader, your guides, and you to communicate and expand on this energetic frequency that you are carrying. 


Focus on the present.

Asking questions about the future isn’t the best practice because as humans, we have free will decision making. This means that at any time you can shift the timeline or outcome that you are headed for. How does this work when it comes to soul contracts or divine purpose? Easy. Soul contract aren’t like human contracts – legal and binding. Yes, they are purposeful and the way the divine interacts with our actions determines our outcomes. At any point we can decide how we will respond. That is our responsibility. One time I had a session with my psychic coach, who is the only reader I go to for readings, and she insinuated a potential for an experience I was having. A week later I went to her and she asked me what I did because she didn’t *see* that coming. Sometimes when we experience a spiritual awakening, we “trip the system” and create a new potential timeline.


Water and chill, anyone? 

It’s important to go in to your session as grounded as possible to help the esoteric connection between you and your spiritual practitioner. If you feel anxious, concerned, or even excited – these emotions will influence your auric field and can interfere with the clarity of the reading. Water plays an important role for a couple of reasons. First, if you think about your energy in terms of electricity, electricity can travel swiftly through water. The more hydrated you are, the more swiftly the energy can flow through your body. Secondly, water allows us our body to maintain homeostasis – a science terminology describing the balance of our body. When we have too little of water in our body, it becomes a problem for our excretory system. Our excretory system flushes the toxins from our body and maintains a chemical balance of minerals and nutrients. Without enough water, our excretory system becomes challenged and unable to properly function.  


Take notes!

Take lots of notes for you to review at a later time once you’ve processed the initial feelings from session. If your psychic records your call via Zoom or some other media, that’s even better! This way if you want to re-listen to the session, you can. With that being said, don’t obsess too much about the information in the session and trust that you’ve absorbed what you need to. There’s a fine line between connected and crazy 😉  Take from it what you will.  Write down any questions you have during the session and be mindful of the time so you can ask them before the session is over. 


SO… hopefully you’re a bit clear on how to go into a intuitive healing session. Here are some thing to look for in a psychic or BE as spiritual practitioner

1 – Ask permission.

Even though you have paid for a reading, that doesn’t necessarily give full permission to poke and prod at all your places for healing. It’s important the your psychic practitioner asks at the beginning of your session, something like, “Are you open to receiving any message Spirit wants me to deliver?” Even if you answer yes and still have some walls up, that’s okay.  The body and energy responds accordingly and sends any alerts to the Spirit Guide team that assists in communication. At the beginning of your session, remember to take deep breaths as energetic permission to your Guides.

2 – Manage time.

It’s important to ask questions if you need additional clarity while still honoring time. Be sure to keep track of the sessions so you can receive the answers to the questions you have. It’s okay if your Spiritual practitioner asks you questions. 

3 – Communicate.

Sending a preparation message confirming the session or reading and sending a follow up message after are the two times that readers *should* reach out, maybe on a consistent basis after your reading. However, if you haven’t already committed to your reading and the spiritual practitioner keeps messaging you and asking you about it, this is a sure sign their intentions are misplaced. Also, if you are asking your spiritual advisor a bunch of questions prior to and after the session, look within. It’s unfair for either giver or receiver to overstep their communication boundaries. We all must be better about honoring space for integration when we have communication at our fingertips.

4 – High Vibes.

An ethical esoterian is designed to help you understand a higher perspective so you can utilize your own intuitive guidance instead of telling you what to do. In your session, be aware if the advise you are being given is against someone else’s free will. It’s important to honor free will for all. Suggestions made during a session require a 3 day integration period before taking action. If your psychic advisor, healer, or any other shaman is requiring you to say a spell, light a candle, or force a connection or awakening, they are not in alignment. Encouraging, teaching, and suggesting habits or practices for deeper awareness within is all anyone can deliver. Anything more comes with caution. 

5 – Intuitively Reads. 

This isn’t reading class. If your psychic advisor is reading from the booklet that came with their cards, stop the session and ask for a refund or don’t ever go back to them. Or if they give you a screen shot of the booklet’s interpretation on a “free reading thread”, don’t book a session with them. Buy the deck of cards and learn it for yourself!

6 – YouTube Reader

They’re not all bad. We had a small Youtube for a small amount of time, maybe we will reconsider, but if you read a bunch of videos – over and over again – delivering different messages, you’re not hearing your own guidance. Turn down the divine message from others and tune in to yours. Spend more time in nature and solitude than on YouTube finding readers who deliver a message “you want to hear”. Book a session with someone for a personal reading and receive a message your Spirit Guide’s need you to hear. 

I hope this guide has helped you get clarity on how to receive, prepare for, and connect with a psychic. 

If this resonates and you’d like a reading with me, clicks on the services tab on our website!

Best blessings & Love All Ways,
Mystic Mrs.

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