Mercury Retrograde Guide

You may have heard, seen a meme, or maybe this is the first time you’ve come across the term “retrograde”, specifically in regards to Mercury Retrograde.

In this guide you will learn what retrograde means, how and why Mercury Retrograde is different from other retrogrades, support to get you through the weeks of Mercury’s Retrograde, and what the dates are for Mercury Retrograde through 2030, at the end of this article. So…

All planets “go retrograde”, some more than others.

The planet’s speed as it orbits the Sun determines how often a planet will go retrograde for us, and how long the retrograde lasts. Mercury Retrograde happens 3 or 4 times a year because it is the fastest moving planet, as it is the closest to the Sun. Other retrogrades, like Pluto, lasts for months at a time!

Two weeks before Mercury “stations” (we’ll talk about what that means in a moment), is the pre-shadow phase and 2 weeks after Mercury goes “direct” (we’ll talk about that) is the post-shadow phase. In between these shadow periods is the thick of Mercury Retrograde and lasts for about 3 weeks.

Mercury doesn’t necessarily go backwards nor does it stop during retrograde. Retrograde refers to Mercury’s relativity to Earth, meaning its position and distance from the Earth changes. The distance between Mercury and Earth increases when Mercury travels towards the other side of the Sun faster than Earth does, so the influence of Mercury on Earth is not as strong.

When Mercury is direct, that means it is in a naturally flowing orbit to the Earth. When Mercury is “stationed”, that means it is in its furthest orbit from the Earth and will remain in that orbit for about 3 weeks. 

Mercury Retrograde isn’t necessarily a bad thing (nothing is) unless you believe it to be. Here are some beliefs about Mercury and how it connects to the period of retrograde.

It is believed that planet is named after the Roman god Mercury. According to the Romans, Mercury is the god of financial power, communication, boundaries, luck, and was a messenger amongst those in the underworld. According to astrology, the planet Mercury has adopted these traits and influences us by highlighting our finances, communication, boundaries, luck, and connection to those who are crossed over into Spirit. When Mercury goes retrograde, these influences are diminished or lessened because Mercury’s orbit shifts further from Earth before coming back around.

There are 2 major aspects that can determine how Mercury Retrograde will influence you

1 – Look at where Mercury falls in your birth chart. Consider what it would look like by not having the influence of Mercury. For example, if you have Mercury in Capricorn, during Mercury retrograde you may find yourself communicating more freely and without much grounding. If you’re unsure about where Mercury falls in your chart or specifically what this means for you, consider booking an astro reading with me where I will go over your birth chart and explain to you the basics of it. 

2 – Look at your typical communication style and consider this: the opposite of how you typically communicate is how communication will influence you during Mercury Retrograde.  For example, if you typically over-talk you may find yourself in more silent observation. If you’re typically well-spoken, you may find yourself tripping over your words. If you’re typically quiet, you may find yourself speaking up.

People often share a DO’s and DONT’s list for Mercury Retrograde and I simply don’t believe in that because everyone’s divine desires and needs are individually and authentically placed. What IS important to know is that anything that involves finances, boundaries, types of communication, contracts, or actions need to be carefully considered.

Consider consulting someone who is opposite of how you typically go about engaging in the above mentioned and allow them to help you see things from a different perspective during this time, so you can try to cover as many areas as you can. It’s important to also choose these people wisely, as they are also influenced by Mercury retrograde.

If you’d like more guidance on how to connect with a spiritual practitioner to help you navigate Mercury Retrograde, check out my How To Choose A Psychic guide or book a session with me!

Here are the upcoming Mercury Retrogrades and the sign they will retrograde in: 


January 30 – February 20 in Aquarius

May 29 – June 22 in Gemini

September 27 – October 18 in Libra


January 14 – February 3 starts in Aquarius, ends in Capricorn

May 10 – June 2 starts in Gemini, ends in Taurus

September 9 – October 2 starts in Libra, ends in Virgo 

December 29 – January 18 in Capricorn


April 21 – May 14 in Taurus

August 23 – September 15 in Virgo

December 13, 2023 – January 1, 2024 in Sagittarius


April 1- April 25 in Aries

August 4 – August 28 in Leo

November 25 – December 15 in Sagittarius


March 14 – April 7 starts in Aries, ends in Pisces

July 17 – August 11 in Leo

November 9 – November 29 starts in Sagittarius, ends in Scorpio


February 25 – March 20 in Pisces

June 29 – July 23 in Cancer

October 24 – November 13 in Scorpio


February 9 – March 3 starts in Pisces, ends in Aquarius

June 10 – July 4 starts in Cancer, ends in Gemini

October 7 – October 28 starts in Scorpio, ends in Libra


January 24 – February 14 in Aquarius

May 21 – June 13 in Gemini

September 19 – October 11 in Libra


January 7 – January 27 starts in Aquarius, ends in Capricorn

May 1 – May 25 in Taurus

September 2 – September 24 starts in Libra, ends in Virgo

December 21 – January 10, 2030 in Capricorn


April 12 – May 6 starts in Taurus, ends in Aries

August 15 – September 8 in Virgo

December 5 – December 25 starts in Capricorn, ends in Sagittarius

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