February 2021 Astrology Report

February starts off with 5 planets in Aquarius 😳 THIS IS GOING TO SHIFT THINGS UP in different ways than you might be used to. Unity conscious is strong this month, things coming together, and anything in your way of that is going to be challenged; especially your individual self because how can we work with others if we are not honest about where things are/aren’t working within us?

  We may experience a challenge to our personal power, motives, passion, and self identity with the Sun squaring Mars, as we figure out how to connect with others by connecting with ourselves. A little tension and challenge is okay to help us rise up to the next level.↖️💖↗️Since we are in Mercury retrograde, this challenge is meant to help you reflect on what you’re willing to tolerate, be, and level up into being.

Also during Mercury retrograde, matters of the heart are going to take the focus – you have support to do things a little differently in February, or maybe a lot differently, with the strong Aquarian energy influencing the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn. Soften up to new ideas around love, the partnerships you desire 🤝or continue to struggle against it this month. It doesn’t mean your ways or core will change, it will help you expand on what you already feel or know. Or maybe you will learn or feel something new and it will pleasantly surprise you. 

Try to experience February without expectation and also, also don’t settle in your comfort because you’re afraid of growth. During this month, if you want to run – stay and if you want to stay – go. See how that feels. Usually when we choose a polarized side, we are able to see things more clearly with the perspective shift. When we dance in the middle, it can be really confusing. Anything that you’re unsure of or confused about will be amplified or highlighted in the first half of February. By the end of the month, you’ll be solid on your dreams and what you’re willing (and not willing) to do to obtain them. You’ll also have a lot of cosmic energy supporting the things / experiences / people you love. 

The two best days in February, in my astrological opinion, are February 17th and 25th. Don’t stop living until those days, of course 🤣 I say that because it looks like it supports matters of the heart the most, and I believe in heart spaced living.  How you respond to the heart space opening depends on how you feel regarding matters of the heart, which is highlighted this month 💚

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