June Astrology

June is a month of deep reflection and cosmic foreplay. Let’s get into it!

As a reminder, we start off June with Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde motion. We also have the Moon in Pisces, as well as Jupiter and Neptune. This is going to bring a deeply sensitive and soft start to the month with matters of the heart sacred to you. Keep things underwrap. People don’t have to know your moves before you make them, only you do. Let it bubble up until your confident… you don’t have to rush forever. 

Venus and Mars are also getting equal, nurturing support from Cancer right through the New Moon in Gemini on June 10th, before both move in to Leo. June is the sensual, loving, foreplay to the deep connections you’ll make later this month, and in the final months of 2021  🔥But my oh my, just wait until July! Enjoy the foreplay of June because without proper foreplay, the following months could be a bit dry and painful. It’s up to you! 

Now, the New Moon on June 10th in Geminiis a Solar eclipse. This is a huge opportunity for growth. Why? Because the Moon will be blasted by the Sun in Gemini – the constellation of the twins, bringing to light all the emotions. This light is also the polarity of energy, as the twins have complimentary yet opposing energy. Your emotions may be knocked off kilter to learn how to bring them back. Emotions are physical representation of the energy we hold inside of us so it is important to manage that energy, and in doing so, manage your emotions. This eclipse will bring an “ah ha” type of vibe with it. 🚨You may realize things you weren’t expecting, or more deeply feel things you’ve been trying to push away or block out. 

The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is June 20th (Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere). To learn more about solstice’s and other spiritual concepts, join Soul’d Up for our final training! Soul’d Up includes 6 months of 1:1 coaching with Krystal.

Also on June 20th, Jupiter goes retrograde. Jupiter governs the Sun and the Moon so Jupiter being retrograde might influence the depth of what we see and feel. Navigating this might be a bit tricky. Remember to keep your eyes open and focus on the simplicity of things. What’s meant to surface will. What’s not meant to, at this time, won’t. Trust the reveal. Jupiter will be retrograde for 4 months. From now until October 18th, 2021 – What is “owed” to you will be returned, or show signs of returning during this retrograde. But since it’s retrograde, you are being asked NOT to move on it, and rather witness or observe the karmic return. Once planets go direct, you’ll have the fire to move forward. Receive, receive, receive. In order to receive, you have to open your heart. As you receive, you give karma a chance to clear. Keep that heart open.

June 21st begins Cancer Season 🦀Happy Birthday to all the Cancerians ♋️ 

On June 22nd, Mercury goes direct! YAY! This means that Mercury will be back in it’s original orbit and will begin gaining speed and momentum until it’s movement is in complete orbit and out of it’s retroSHADE phase on July 6th. You are now free to roam around the craft 🎉

The Full “Strawberry” MOON on June 24 is in Capricorn The Capricorn full moon will embody the qualities of Capricorn and encourage you to look into where you’re facing obstacles. Because Saturn and Jupiter will be in retrograde at this time, there isn’t much support if OVERCOMING the obstacles as much as it’s about the awareness of any obstacles, challenges, or blocks. With this awareness and clarity can come action and strategie when the time comes. For now, let your confidence build from this awareness. It will carry you. 

By the end of June we have 4 planets retrograde: 
Saturn – until October 10th
Jupiter – until October 18th
Neptune – until November 28th
Pluto – October 6th

Grab some popcorn 🍿& watch how this all unfolds!

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