ESOTAROT: Tarot Workshop

Do you love tarot?

I have a gift for you!

Join me for ESOTAROT, my tarot reading workshop on August 3rd, and receive a recorded personal reading from me on any topic on a donation basis.

This is a priceless offer as I do not offer recorded readings but I will send you one as my gift to those who sign up for ESOTAROT before July 27 , 7/27 (as I need time to record and send all readings before the workshop).

I will email you within 24 hours of signing up to receive your question (up to 3 questions). I will send the videos on a first come, first serve basis. I intend to get all readings out before our workshop on August 3rd!

Recorded readings are between 20 and 30 minutes.

I Want The Reading, Too!


Reading for myself and others has provided me with humility, confidence, and hope as I see the changes others make from my readings, as well as the changes I have made in my own life. I have been reading cards for over 15 years. During the darkest time of my life, my intuition saved me and guided me in ways that I am forever grateful. The connection to God and my guides are stronger than ever.

I want that for you.
I want that for everyone, but not everyone will take this step forward.

I’m Going To Take The Step.

Some will be deceived in their beliefs…
“I’m good with what I have, I don’t need that”, & stay in the comfort zone.
“I’m not spiritual like that, I can’t read for myself, I won’t read for others”, and think small.
Some will be too stubborn, even though they’re going through it – and won’t invite anyone in – only to allow themselves to fill their lives with anxiety of the unknown.

I’ve been each and every one of these people at one point or another, so I know how tricky our ego can be.

“Do it on your own. 
Don’t trust it. 
You got this.”

All the while, if you’re honest, you’re spinning in circles.

I Want To Stop Spinning Circles.

I want you to feel confident in your decision making, at peace with your past, and inspired for your future.

I want to help you strengthen your intuition so that you can serve yourself the way you serve others. 

I want you to trust your path even if you’re unsure of where it’s going, you’ll know you’re on your way. 

I want your connection to the divine to be the strongest it’s ever been. 

You have a team of ancestors, angels, guide, and the greatest universal CEO in all of ever on your side – not to mention me – cheering you on to change your life. 

This is a small step, but if you’re ready to take it, I’m here to hold your hand.

I’m Ready!

What you’ll receive from ESOTAROT:

Strengthening of your intuitive communication. 

Support from me and others in our FB community. 

Sacred space to practice your gifts. 

Stronger connection to the Divine. 

Lifetime invitation to the LIVE training every time it is offered.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join ESOTAROT & Receive Your Personal BONUS Reading!

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We are spirituality and relationship coaches, energy Healers, intuitive psychics, twin flames in union, husband and wife, parents, and divine lovers. We offer healing and guidance on your spiritual journey and life through uniquely crafted courses, coaching packages, and services for individuals or couples.

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