August Astrology, Lion’s Gate Portal, & more!

Almost every external planet is retrograde at the beginning of the month (plus Chiron) and all by the end of the month. There is deep seated healing happening from our past and our ancestors. If you’re seeing people’s true colors (and maybe even your own) and it stings a bit, please know you are NOT alone…. this is helping you heal. LET IT. Don’t resist the discomfort, learn from it. If you need extra support during this time, I’m offering a special for readings below. 

Check out June’s month’s email for details about the retrogrades! 

August starts with both Venus and Mars in Virgo, until about mid-August. This bring serious attention to how we navigate our relationships, what we want in a relationship, what we are willing to accept in relationships, what we are willing to give in relationships, and what bullshit we are no longer willing to entertain – including our own. Coming up with new agreements is going to be the focus for relationships with others and most importantly, with ourselves.

The next really exciting thing to share is LION’S GATE! Lion’s Gate is already “opened” and peaks on August 8th, 8/8. Lion’s Gate is the alignment with Earth and the galactic center Sirius. This alignment strengths the cosmic connection of awareness to those open to it, and grounded enough, to receive it. What’s REALLLLLY interesting about this Lion’s Gate portal is what’s going on with the other planets during this time. First, it’s the NEW MOON. This is a powerful time for manifest. The Moon is in Leo. Obviously the Sun is in Leo, AND Mercury is ALSO is Leo. PLUS we have Venus and Mars in Virgo – I know my stargeek is so excited about all this – let me tell you why. There is so much energy coming in around relationships – what we require of them, what we will tolerate, and what we will not tolerate. I love this because I’m a fan of integrity in relationships and building relationships that are in alignment with our divine path and purpose. So with Leo leading the inner planets, and Venus and Mars sharing the sign of meticulous Virgo, all during a New Moon During Lion’s Gate – it’s time to RELEASE THE KARMIC PEOPLE AND LESSONS, and step into what is divinely destined for you!! WOOOO !!! That gets me excited!!! Lion’s Gate will close August 12th. 

On August 16th, our cosmic Goddess of Love Venus moves into Libra. This  brings is a hopeless romantic kind of vibe. It can bring harmony to love in your life; however, it can also seem a bit insincere or superficial because it is sooooo lovey-dovey. Depending on where Venus falls in your birth chart will determine how this change influences your change of heart. You can order your birth chart from me here

Uranus joins the retrograde party on August 19th and will be retrograde until January 18th, 2022. This might bring some fun for some and complete chaos for others. Because Uranus is the planet of transformation and rebellion, some changes may be drastically needed for healing, like ribbing a bandaid off. Other changes might be made by YOU, much needed change. Either way – these changes may feel like chaos until the planet goes direct and things can be seen a bit more clearly. People may appear a little Jekyll and Hyde during this time, as the transitions can be abrupt and frequent. Ride this out and try to witness the transformation that happens during this time so you will know where you stand during it and thereafter.

August 22nd is the Sturgeon Full Moon in Aquarius. This is a rare occurrence because it is the 2nd Aquarian Full Moon (July 23, 2021 was an Aquarian Full Moon). This is a cusp Full Moon, meaning the Full Moon will peak early on August 22nd and will likely be in the sign of Pisces by the evening when it it is illuminated. This Full Moon is The Sturgeon Full Moon. The sturgeon is a fish that is known to be one of the oldest and wisest fish. This full moon will be like a “last ditch effort” to really bring forth the deep rooted truths that may finally be coming to the surface. This is the final Full Moon of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere as we move in to harvest season!

August 23rd begins Virgo Season 🌾 Happy Birthday to all the Virgos! ♍️

The rest of the month is fairly quiet with a “Moon Wobble” at the end of it, on August 29th. Moon wobbles aren’t new but they are getting noticed because of the crazy weather patterns it can bring. Let’s see what the tropics show at the end of August!

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