September Astrology ~ Mercury Joins The Retro Party!

All outer planets are still retrograde for the month of September. This means there is plenty of deep, internal healing going on. The outer planets are planets farthest from us – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and this also include Chiron. The outer planets all work on our internal processes. The closer planets, inner planets/satellites are Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. This is our external processings and expression. 

And guess what? Mercury goes retrogradeat the end of September. But we’ll talk more about that a little laters, baby. 

The first 10 days of September seem to come with some soft planning. Not like frantic planning, just making some well balanced moves as there is a lot of Virgo and Libra influences in the astrology wheel. 

The New Moon on September 6th is in Virgo. Virgo is the “virgin” or “maiden” so there is a purity of heart with decision making, alignment, and processing. Holding pure intentions of the heart and having healing practices will be important at this time. Things can really flourish beautifully, if you let it. 

The Full Moon on September 20th is in Pisces but right at the cusp of an Aries moon. This means there will be a strong, fiery influence to a deeply emotional Full Moon. We will be able to use this energy as we wish, of course, however; utilizing creative practices can be really helpful to manage the heavy emotions of this Full Moon. 

September 23rd begins Libra Season ⚖️ Happy Birthday to all the Libras! ♎️
The rest of the month is fairly quiet with a “Moon Wobble” at the end of it, on August 29th. Moon wobbles aren’t new but they are getting noticed because of the crazy weather patterns it can bring. Let’s see what the tropics show at the end of August!

We’ll have a few days of peaceful, Libra energy dominating our inner planets like the Sun, Mercury, and Mars before Mercury goes retrograde on September 27th. Mercury will remain in retrograde until October 17th.  You can check out my comprehensive Mercury Retrograde Guide for all things retrograde! It’s not as “bad” as people make it. Some like to pretend it’s awesome too as many of us learn to navigate it. Just be honest with your healing and feelings. This is the only way we can grow. My best advice is to be a witness to your life during Mercury Retrograde and remember to breathe. 

Overall, aside from Mercury joining the retrograde party and bringing us to 6 planets retrograde + Chiron, I find there to be much peace coming in September if we can relax. Once all planets go direct (by February 7th), you’ll be responsible for all that you’ve learned during this very retorgradey time. But starting in November there will definitely be some relief from retrogrades. We’ll talk about that another time. Take care. You know how to find me if you need spiritual support and guidance during this time.

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