3 Important Aspects of Divine Relationships and Twin Flame Unions

A divine union isn’t simply a relationship that works. In fact, it’s not a relationship that works; it is two people that work together. When that happens an integrated, interdependent, intimacy is the outcome. To us, this is the twin flame template – not what many are used to – runner/chaser modality – even though those can be outcomes of people who have not yet integrated.

1. Integration

Integrating the masculine and feminine energies is the first step for all spiritually minded individuals seeking a conscious relationship. As you identify as either masculine or feminine, you are already out of place – as we are both, in constant flow. Saying that and being that are two different things. It’s not even a back and forth, it’s a simultaneous act of integrated energies. To be divinely receiving while actively giving to your experience is the dance that many must learn for themselves and with them selves. Once there is consistency in the integration of energy, there is an opportunity to practice integration of energy with another. Sometimes many others until your beloved Twin Flame and you unite in 3D. This comes last because you’ve already integrated across all upper dimensions. That’s NOT the work. Action is important at this step because it shows your alignment. The work is to bring it here to the physical plane. To create Heaven on Earth.

2. Interdependence

Once two have integrated their energies, the opportunity to become interdependent takes the focus. This means managing the flow of energy in the relationship. Part of managing the flow means balancing the energies and complementing the energies in the relationship. Being aware of when your mate’s energy is triggering a shift in yours and ebbing with the flow is going to be an important part of interdependence – independently working together. You have to lead the dance, dear reader. This will help you BOTH dance. Communication will be important at this step because it helps with co-creation of the two. The work is to be expressive and creative while expressing your union outside of the energy and creating a space to cultivate your dreams together.

3. Intimacy

As you both dance with the energies within, within the relationship, and outward into your experience – there will be a sacred and intimate bond that will continue to develop and strengthen that others will not be privy to. In fact, it is best to keep this part sacred to your union and your relationship because of energetic speed bumps from others. Naturally, we are all still human on this Earth, even with this incredible spiritual purpose, and some people will simply get triggered by the expression of your union. This is where the dance can get very delicate and takes work to maintain. External energies can be highly influential when the union’s vibration is intense. Mindfulness, nutrition, grounding, communication, and play will be very important. Keep the energy and let it flourish. Scattering it will take from its majesty…

And after all, this type of relationship and manifestation of union is majestic.

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We are spirituality and relationship coaches, energy Healers, intuitive psychics, twin flames in union, husband and wife, parents, and divine lovers. We offer healing and guidance on your spiritual journey and life through uniquely crafted courses, coaching packages, and services for individuals or couples.

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