3 Important Aspects of Divine Relationships and Twin Flame Unions

A divine union isn’t simply a relationship that works. In fact, it’s not a relationship that works; it is two people that work together. When that happens an integrated, interdependent, intimacy is the outcome. To us, this is the twin flame template – not what many are used to – runner/chaser modality – even thoughContinue reading “3 Important Aspects of Divine Relationships and Twin Flame Unions”

September Astrology ~ Mercury Joins The Retro Party!

All outer planets are still retrograde for the month of September. This means there is plenty of deep, internal healing going on. The outer planets are planets farthest from us – Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and this also include Chiron. The outer planets all work on our internal processes. The closer planets, inner planets/satellites areContinue reading “September Astrology ~ Mercury Joins The Retro Party!”

August Astrology, Lion’s Gate Portal, & more!

Almost every external planet is retrograde at the beginning of the month (plus Chiron) and all by the end of the month. There is deep seated healing happening from our past and our ancestors. If you’re seeing people’s true colors (and maybe even your own) and it stings a bit, please know you are NOTContinue reading “August Astrology, Lion’s Gate Portal, & more!”

ESOTAROT: Tarot Workshop

Do you love tarot? I have a gift for you! Join me for ESOTAROT, my tarot reading workshop on August 3rd, and receive a recorded personal reading from me on any topic on a donation basis. This is a priceless offer as I do not offer recorded readings but I will send you one asContinue reading “ESOTAROT: Tarot Workshop”

Spirit of Summer

If you are not on our VIP Newsletter, here is your invitation! Every month you receive a recorded intuitive reading, spirit animal message, exclusive savings, VIP access to workshops and trainings, and specials beyond the astrology update. If spiritual nourishment and development is something that is important to you, join our VIP list and receiveContinue reading “Spirit of Summer”

June Astrology

June is a month of deep reflection and cosmic foreplay. Let’s get into it! As a reminder, we start off June with Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in retrograde motion. We also have the Moon in Pisces, as well as Jupiter and Neptune. This is going to bring a deeply sensitive and soft start to the month with matters of the heart sacred toContinue reading “June Astrology”

Free Virtual Retreat

On May 22nd, I will be hosting a LIVE, free, virtual retreat called Soul Spa Day. There won’t be much talking or teaching, which is new for me, but there will be more DOING. I will host activities anyone can do to bring peace of mind and body, as we integrate our soul purpose. YouContinue reading “Free Virtual Retreat”

Venus in Taurus Transit Influences April’s Vibes, And We Kind Of Love It!

After the invigorating and new vibin’ energy of March, April’s soft start is, in part, due to the support of Mercury in Pisces for the first few days of April. Even if we aren’t feeling 100% “there” (wherever “there” is), we are at least able to communicate from a more genuine, heart space by havingContinue reading “Venus in Taurus Transit Influences April’s Vibes, And We Kind Of Love It!”