Energy Healing

When you schedule a healing energy session from us, you will receive deep, distant-healing to your physical, emotional, and etheric self. These are all recorded, or typed, and emailed.

Reiki – Distant Healing $25
You do not need to do anything for Scott to evaluate your energy system and work healing where needed, except be open to receiving. For best results, choose an available time in space where you can practice centered stillness and breathing for 20 minutes while Scott sends the Reiki energy for healing. Click here to book yours!

Reiki – Distant Healing & Report $75
During this distant session, Scott clears the debris in your energetic houses, and also reports on what was cleared or requires further attention while giving advice on how to maintain the flow. This written message will explore what debris you have been holding in your energetic field and how it has been influencing your life (or how it could). It will also encourage strategies, perception shifts, & practices for energy maintenances and awareness. You are not required to take 30 minutes of stillness but if you’d like to, please discuss scheduling a time for the session. Click here to book yours!

Spirit Song Message & Intuitive Guidance $48
Are you ready for a FUN reading, like NO OTHER?! Krystal will put on some music & transcribe a message from your Spirit Guides along with the playlist of songs used for communication, and tools for healing. Click here to book yours!

Akashic Healing & Past Life Message $100
This reading and healing message uncovers the past lives and consciousness relative to your experience and how it is potentially presenting itself in your current reality. Click here to book yours!

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