“Your reading really blew me away! Honestly, I started crying and had to pause at some point, then I rewatched it. You’re one of the only readers that have ever noticed that trauma that I carry!” – LC

“Thank you for everything…i feel so overwhelmed with emotions right now. All good ones though. More tears.” – JM

“OMG so many things are starting to make more sense to me now!!! Thank you for doing what you do!!!! I swear if I had known where to look many years ago, I could have saved so much time and money with therapists who didnt really understand me ” – SK

“I truly feel like some sort of breakthrough just happened!” – EH

“More people in the spiritual community need to understand this!” – SB

“My reading was very eye opening… You put everything into perspective for me I’ll definitely seek your guidance again should the need arise” -EY

“Check this out _ these readings are so on point!! Definitely worth every penny!!” NV

“I had a major realization.  I recognized it because of todays class” – MM

“I know I’ve been resistant to the work but it’s “crystal clear” to me now what you meant, and I’m ready now.” – AH

“Now that I’m starting to understand myself as an empath…I have a better grasp of it and can honor, acknowledge and let it go. And learning the egg process i think will serve me well. Thank you so much for all your amazing knowledge and teachings” – JM

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