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We’re so glad you’re thinking about making some moves on your journey, we’d love to support you! Below you will find our services for healing and awakening. Most private sessions are done via Zoom for recording purposes unless otherwise requested.

Email with any questions!

All sessions are recorded and emailed except Reiki.

Couples to Couples Coaching: 1 hour via Zoom with Scott & I, dedicated to your relationship.

Individual Coaching: 1 hour via Zoom with Krystal, dedicated to your healing and spiritual growth.

Astrology Reading: A 1 hour session explaining your birth chart. PDF of chart and brief description sent following session. Additional $50 for each person added for relationship compatibility.

Reiki Clearing & Report: Scott and I work together to energetically tune in to your vibration, clean up any lingering energetic debris, fill your chakras with light, and send you an energy maintenance guide specifically for your energetic healing. These session are NOT in person.

Past Life Reading: Krystal will uncover past lives that are showing up in your current lifetime for additional healing. A 1 hour live Zoom session is included in this reading for explanation and any questions, as well as a PDF follow up.

Monthly Coaching: Weekly, 1 hour coaching with Krystal, via Zoom, designed to support a breakthrough in a repeating cycle or to help you set a foundation for growth and continued maintenance. 3 months are recommended for optimal results. One month will change the trajectory of your life if you allow it to.

3 month coaching: 1 hour via Zoom with Krystal each month to maintain your spiritual wellness and growth.

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May His favor be upon you and a thousand generations.🙏
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