Soul’d Up

Begins October 1, 2020!

Rise Up & prepare to get Soul’d Up on a 6-week journey of deep, radical, and transformative soul work.

If you have been wondering….

πŸ€” How do I live a happier life?
πŸ’œ When will my relationships change?
πŸ‘» Can I communicate with Spirit?
🀨 What does energy have to do with anything?
🐍 Are there different Awakenings?
😩 Why is this all happening at once?

Soul’d Up will teach you simple and easy-to-use tools to significantly change your life.

How does Soul’d Up work?

You will receive…
πŸ“² Private 1 hour one-on-one coaching calls with Krystal
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» Weekly Trainings (Yes, they’re recorded!)
🧬 Individualized Reiki Clearing & Report Emailed From Scott
πŸ™ A Guided Meditation for Ancestral Healing with Ho’oponopono
πŸƒ Weekly Card Readings
🌚 3 Full Moon Rituals
πŸ›  12 Tools to Navigate life’s ebb & flow, and your spiritual transformation
πŸ’₯ AND πŸ’₯ If you choose the 1-time payment option, you’ll receive our online Chakra Training as a BONUS!!

… all to nurture your spiritual development.

This ISN’T where the journey starts for some of you, for others – this will be a new beginning – but it certainly isn’t where the journey ends. The tools you will learn and the awareness that will reveal itself will continue to serve you on your journey for as long as you use them.

The value of these services, if booked separately, is $ 1, 4 4 5

Not mention – you’d be spending another day…
month …
year …
… doing the same. damn. thing, and getting the same. damn. results:

πŸ₯± boredom, πŸ’” heartache, πŸ˜’ unfulfillment, 😫 misery, and πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ whatever else.

But if you’re still reading, you. are. ready to CHANGE πŸ‘ ALL πŸ‘ THAT πŸ‘
And I’m ready to help you and make this easy to say YES to HAPPINESS.
Yes to LOVE.


Because, we’ve all been transformed by the recent changes to our World. The Universe is asking us to SOUL UP, Soldiers,

& I want to help facilitate that as a cost that anyone can make work.

Because we need to help each other RISE UP.

This program is everything I wish I had when I stumbled my way towards a deeper relationship with my soul. So, I took what God and my Spirit Guides have taught me along the way, added the wisdom from life & a pricey degree πŸ“š and 17 years of experience coaching and working with people to better their lives and their relationships – and I created Soul’d Up!

This takes you inside, outside, and all the sides – navigating & balancing life and spirituality.

Healing ancestral trauma & wounds βœ…

Deepening relationships βœ…

Bringing intimacy into more than just the bedroom βœ…

Understanding how to work with our Divine Team βœ…

And levelling up in the process…

– This is what Soul’d Up is all about βœ… βœ… βœ…

So, what’s the breakdown?

Week 1: Soul’d Down
We set intentions and bring down our soul’s Divine guidance. Learn about energy and tools for empathic care, developing inner peace, grounding, and strategies.

Week 2: Soul’d In
We’ll go inward and take a deep look at the patterns, cycles, and energetic debris that you hold on to; and learn tools to create habits, processes, and experiences that are in alignment with our soul!

Week 3: Soul’d Back
We’ll use Ho’oponopono to bring fragments of your soul back from past lives, ancestral healing, and present life family traditions & obligations. You will learn how to identify when you’re responding from a place of injury, and when you are responding from a place of alignment.

Week 4: Soul’d Forward
Now that our soul is in better balance and we’ve cleared some sludge, this is GAME CHANGER – we move forward manifesting from our soul, and understanding the Law of Attraction.

Week 5: Soul’d Out
We learn how to use the outward energy of our chakras for healing and how to develop our Spiritual Gifts and Intuitive Language.

Week 6: Soul’d Up
Our final week: we look at how you’ve level’d up and soul’d up, & we design a vision for moving froward.

What’s the investment?

A one-time payment of $444 gives you our Chakra Course Training FREE!

Two payments of $222, one now by clicking below, and one before October 14th!

Three payments of $148, one now by clicking below, one 10/14 & one 10/28!

Have questions? Send them here πŸ‘‡

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