How do you know you’re in a Twin Flame relationship?

A spiritual awakening happens when some sort of Divine orchestration of events and connections, or perceived disconnection with another, occurs. During this MAJOR EVENT, our connection to God and the Divine is often challenged in order for us to redefine and reconnect with our faith, beliefs, and spiritual practices. Our perceptions are also challenged inContinue reading “How do you know you’re in a Twin Flame relationship?”

January LoveScope for Soulmates, Twin Flame, & Divine Lovers

As a quick introduction before the report: I intend to share the channeled messages for Divine Lovers of all types, each month – with the highest intent and loving energy. Let’s at least get started with January The energy around love in January for all Divine Lovers is delicate. There is a dance that isContinue reading “January LoveScope for Soulmates, Twin Flame, & Divine Lovers”