August Astrology, Lion’s Gate Portal, & more!

Almost every external planet is retrograde at the beginning of the month (plus Chiron) and all by the end of the month. There is deep seated healing happening from our past and our ancestors. If you’re seeing people’s true colors (and maybe even your own) and it stings a bit, please know you are NOTContinue reading “August Astrology, Lion’s Gate Portal, & more!”

ESOTAROT: Tarot Workshop

Do you love tarot? I have a gift for you! Join me for ESOTAROT, my tarot reading workshop on August 3rd, and receive a recorded personal reading from me on any topic on a donation basis. This is a priceless offer as I do not offer recorded readings but I will send you one asContinue reading “ESOTAROT: Tarot Workshop”

February 2021 Astrology Report

February starts off with 5 planets in Aquarius 😳 THIS IS GOING TO SHIFT THINGS UP in different ways than you might be used to. Unity conscious is strong this month, things coming together, and anything in your way of that is going to be challenged; especially your individual self because how can we workContinue reading “February 2021 Astrology Report”

How To Choose A Psychic

So, you’re thinking about booking an intuitive reading, healing session, or psychic service and you’re not too sure who’s reliable. Maybe it’s your first time or maybe you’ve received one before….  but, you’re skeptical of scammers and you’re not exactly sure how to know when someone is bullshitting you or not….  Then this is forContinue reading “How To Choose A Psychic”

January LoveScope for Soulmates, Twin Flame, & Divine Lovers

As a quick introduction before the report: I intend to share the channeled messages for Divine Lovers of all types, each month – with the highest intent and loving energy. Let’s at least get started with January The energy around love in January for all Divine Lovers is delicate. There is a dance that isContinue reading “January LoveScope for Soulmates, Twin Flame, & Divine Lovers”